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Fonthill's Famed Kame Delta

One of Niagara's most unique and eco-rich landscapes


Perched at 700 feet above Lake Ontario, Sons & Daughters Winery in Fonthill occupies a geological marvel: the Fonthill Kame Delta, one of only five sites of its kind in the world. Born from the aftermath of the last ice age, our vineyards sit at Niagara's apex, reaping the benefits of a distinctive microclimate and rich, mineral-laden soil.

Our Kame Delta was sculpted by retreating glaciers, leaving us with a remarkable terroir characterized by a mix of heavy stone and delicate sand. This complex terrain contributes to the depth and character of our wines, making each bottle a testament to its  unique origin.

Sons & Daughters is home to two distinct vineyards. Our Tice Road vineyard boasts a rugged terrain filled with rocks, pebbles, and boulders, offering an exceptional environment for robust red grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, and Baco Noir.

Meanwhile, our Effingham Street vineyard, featuring rolling hills and fine sandy soil, is the birthplace of our popular Riesling wines but has also recently been planted with Baco Noir.


The landscape here is not just picturesque; it's an integral part of what makes our wines so uniquely compelling.

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