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Discover Our Vineyards

At Sons & Daughters Winery, we are stewards of two unique vineyards, each offering its own terroir that lends distinct character to our wines.

Tice Road Vineyard

Captivating view of Tice Road Vineyard, where our estate-grown grapes flourish. Experience the terroir of Fonthill, nestled in the heart of the Niagara wine region

Rich in a diverse mix of rocks, pebbles, boulders, and coarse sand, our Tice Road vineyard is a haven for robust reds. Here, we cultivate varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, and Baco Noir—each thriving in this rugged landscape.

Effingham Street Vineyard

Stunning snapshot of Effingham Street Vineyard, the fertile grounds where our premium grapes grow. Located in Fonthill, at the core of the Niagara wine region

Set against the backdrop of scenic hills, our Effingham Street vineyard boasts fine sandy soil and is well-suited for the popular Riesling varietal. The gentle slopes and well-drained soil create an idyllic setting for these grapes. Recently, we've expanded our offerings at Effingham Street by planting Baco Noir, marking a new chapter in our vineyard's story.

Our winery is conveniently located on Effingham Street, serving as the dedicated space where we meticulously process our grapes and carefully bottle our wines, ensuring a seamless journey from our vineyard to your table.

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