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Hello, we are the Hall Family

Sons & Daughters is more than a winery; it's a family legacy. As Fonthill's first winery, we steward 10 acres across two vineyards: Tice Road, abundant with its unique rocky terrain, and Effingham Street, graced by its gentle, scenic slopes.

In 2018, brothers Geoff and Anthony, inspired by their connection to Niagara, planted roots in the world of winemaking. They established Sons & Daughters in the community of Fonthill, within the Niagara wine region in Ontario.

Just like the wines they nurture, the winery's name has familial roots - it honours Geoff and Therese's sons Hudson, Magnus, and Beauden, as well as Anthony and Maria's daughters Charlotte, Georgina, Theodora, and Thomasina. Sons & Daughters is a celebration of family bonds and our dedication to producing quality wines.

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