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2022 Sparkling Riesling

2022 Sparkling Riesling




The 2022 Sons & Daughters Sparkling Riesling is a refreshing and balanced wine that captures the essence of vibrant fruit and a touch of sweetness, all heightened by its bubbly nature. Its light straw color leads into subtle aromas of honeysuckle and green apple.


The palate is thirst-quenching and straightforward, featuring flavors of green apple and a hint of pink grapefruit. The effervescence adds a refreshing twist, making each sip an enjoyable experience.


Ideal when served chilled, this Sparkling Riesling is a versatile companion for spicy foods. Whether it's pad Thai or Mexican dishes, the wine holds its own, making it a reliable choice for a variety of settings.




Harvest Sugar: 18.8 BRIX

Residual Sugar: 12 g/L

Acid: 9.2 g/L

Alcohol Content: 10%




Spicy dishes

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