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Kame Rosé

Kame Rosé




The 2021 Sons & Daughters Rosé artfully melds invigorating crispness with effortless drinkability. Its enticing salmon tint sets the stage for an aromatic medley brimming with strawberries, melons, and a citrusy whisper. While low in residual sugar, a hint of sweetness graces the palate, amplified by luscious notes of white peach, succulent cantaloupe, and flash-frozen strawberries. A spirited, buoyant acidity marks the finish, indicating the wine is primed for immediate sipping pleasure.


Best savored chilled, this Rosé is your go-to sipper for balmy summer nights. Whether accompanying spicy fare or grilled seafood, it's a versatile wine that meets the diverse preferences of any gathering, serving as an approachable yet nuanced option for all to enjoy.




Harvest Sugar: 17.3 BRIX

Residual Sugar: 7.5 g/L

pH: 3.23

Alcohol Content: 11.5%




Spicy dishes, grilled shellfish

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